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Recent Trends In The Ignition System Of Two Wheelers

Better efficiency and greater reliability are the unquenchable thirst of the modern world. As a part of quenching this, Triple Spark Technology can be integrated in IC engines, thereby replacing Single and Twin Spark Technologies. This paper deals with highlighting the enhancements that can be made in IC enginesto increase its efficiency, by increasing the number of Spark Plugs. Conventional engines employed Single Spark plug. In order to increase the power output and reduce the amount of unburnt wastes, the number of spark plugs was increased to two, thereby helping in efficient burning of the air-fuel mixture from two directions rather than one. This new technology was named as “Twin Spark Ignition System”. But to increase the efficiency to another extent, a new well-improved system was introduced and termed as “Triple Spark Technology”, involving the use of three spark plugs in the same Engine. Further details are explained below. Keywords- Spark Ignition, Efficiency, Triple Spark.