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Effect Of Nanoclay On Tensile Strength Of Wood Plastic Composite Made From Malaysian Rice Husk And Polypropylene

Rice husk has been utilized widely in industrial application as an alternative material due to its high potential strength properties. Rice husk and polypropylene board for furniture purpose has shown a great potential as environmentally friendly product. The objective of this research is to determine the effect of nanoparticle content on mechanical and thermal properties of wood plastic composite made from rice husk and polypropylene. For this purpose, a composite board consisting of the three material are formed using hot press method. Each board were cut into a sample for further testing. Tensile test were performed to determine the tensile properties of the composite material. The result shown improvement of the tensile strength with the addition of nanoclay. Keyword- Rice Husk , Polypropylene , Nanoclay , Thermal