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Evaluation Of J Integral Of A Compact Tension Specimen By Using Finite Element Analysis Technique For Fracture Toughness Assesment

The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of a Compact Specimen (CT Specimen) is carried out and presented in this work, for Fracture-toughness assessment. The criterion for the fracture toughness assessment of the CT specimen is chosen to be J-Integral, as its direct calculation provides the fracture toughness of the material. The material used for this investigation is Low Alloy Steel, and the Young’s Modulus and the Poisson’s ratio are assumed to be constant throughout the investigation. The analysis is carried out using ANSYS 14.5. FE analysis is performed at different displacement loading conditions and the values of J-integral at these loads are obtained. The J-integral value is obtained for 10 contours, and the fifth contour value is considered. Comparison is made between the obtained FE values and ASTM standard values, which are obtained by experimental investigations. It is shown that the two set of values obtained are in close conformance with each other. This study has been further extended to investigate the fracture behavior of two more materials viz., aluminum 7050-T6 and allegheny ludlum altemp A286. Keywords— CT-specimen, J-integral, Aluminium alloy, Allegheney Ludlum Altemp.