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Optimization Process Parameter For Friction Welding Of Incoloy 800h Using Taguchi-Desirability Approach

Optimization of welding parameters on friction welding of Incoloy 800 H rod experiments were carried out by Taguchi based Desirability Function Analysis (DFA). The welding parameters such as heating pressure (HP), upsetting pressure (UP), heating time (HT) and upsetting time (UT) and its responses such as Tensile strength (TS) and burn off length (BoL) were chosen for this work. The L12 orthogonal array designs of experiment were involved for conducting experiments. The significance of quality of welding process was found by analysis of variance (ANOVA). The experimental results indicate that the upsetting time and the heating pressure were recognized to make the most significant contribution to the overall performance. Keywords—Desirability function analysis, Incoloy 800H, Tensile strength, Burn off length.