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Prototype Development And Testing Of Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater For Indian Climate

The key to resolving issues related to energy supply and global warming lies in realizing dramatic improvements in energy utilization efficiency and transition to post carbon energies. A technology that can accomplish them compatibly is ‘heat pump’. In this paper, component design of air source heat pump water heater is presented. Actual prototype is fabricated. This prototype is particularly designed for the bathing water requirements of a normal Indian household and uses R134a refrigerant. The operation of this device is intermittent and is capable of producing 200 litres of water at 60°C in 3-4 hours. Transient performance of the fabricated unit is tested in well-equipped testing facility. Results are compared with electrical heater of the same heating capacity. Payback period when compared to the electrical heater turns out to be 2.5 years. The study shows that heat pump is a green technology and has potential to replace not only electrical water heaters but also solar water heaters, if properly promoted through education, advertisement and subsidies. Keywords - Vapor Compression Heat Pump Water Heater, Component design, Transient performance.