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Emissions Control With Plasmatron Fuel Converter

In the present circumstance, the major threat faced by mankind is Global warming, which is the main cause of other environmental issues such as rise in sea level, ozone depletion, etc. The primary cause of the global warming is IC engine’s emission. Though they are threatening the human society and environment, their necessity in day today life is unavoidable. Hence in order to limit the emission, World nations have framed rules over the emission. As a result, the technology has improved to limit emissions. But with another emission control technology named as “Emission control with plasmatron fuel converter”, emission can be limited to a greater extent. Emission control with plasmatron fuel converter involves the pretreatment of hydrocarbon fuels into hydrogen rich gas and regeneration of catalyst at the exhaust for the better trapping of particulates. This paper details the methods and possibilities for implementing plasmatron fuel converter as on-board hydrogen generation for controlling the emission at the greater extent than the usual. Keywords: Transformation, Hydrogen rich fuel, Regeneration of Catalyst, Emission Control.