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Design of Exhaust System in Automobiles With Low Carbon Economy

Automobile is one of the fast growing fields; many modification as well as inventions is made on this area as it is an endless journey. Most of the interests are made on parameters like mileage, fuel economy, aesthetic factors, etc. As the developments are made for sophistication apart from its advancements, demerits should be considered. Automobile exhaust causes air pollution. At the present situation, prevention of air pollution is made only at the point of exhaust from the outlet of manifold. The devices for this purpose absorb CO, HC up to certain level. But instead of concentrating on the conventional method for prevention of CO, HC, in this paper the inlet air was taken into consideration for prevention of pollution. The combustion of CO 2 in air is least, but its effect on environment is more. CO2 is one of the major sources for yielding CO. So it becomes necessary to eradicate CO2 from air prior to suction. Pure air supplied to the combustion chamber will reduce HC level in emission. In this literature the set up and other considerations to bring down CO and Hydrocarbon emissions in automobile exhaust is discussed.