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Design And Analysis Of Main Landing Gear Structure Of A Transport Aircraft And Fatigue Life Estimation For The Critical Lug

The current work includes the design and analysis of a medium size transport aircraft landing gear unit. A typical landing load case will be assumed for which structural analysis will be carried out. During landing, there will be three different types of loads i. Vertical load ii. Drag load iii. Side load Each of these loads will cause axial compression, bending and torsion on the strut of the landing gear. As a first approximation the landing gear space structure will be idealized as a statically determinate structure and a stress analysis will be performed using strength of Material approach. The stresses developed because of all three types of loading on the structural members of the landing gear will be calculated. A finite element model of the landing gear structure will be developed and analyzed. The FEA stress and deformation results will be compared with that obtained from “SOM” approach. These stresses and internal loads can then be used for the design of various structural members of the landing gear unit. Fatigue life to crack initiation will be estimated for a critical lug of the landing gear unit by considering the constant amplitude landing cycles