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Cutting Fluid Selection For Cylindrical Grinding Of Glass Fiber Reinforce Plastic Material

Glass fiber reinforced plastic material used in aerospace, marine & marine accessories due to its light weight &corrosion resistance properties. Grinding of glass fiber reinforced plastic material issues are degradation, thermal damage, clogging, excessive noise & vibration. This paper represents to improve quality of machined surface & high performance grinding of glass fiber reinforced plastic material. Study aims to go for experimentation for to determine parameters regarding with it. The experiment was done by considering various attributes like material removal rate, temperature, surface roughness, pH of different oils. The various alternatives considered as synthetic, semisynthetic, net cutting oil of grade 32, 40 & castor oil. After experimentation the data collected &go for MADM approach.DEA & its model can be used to deal with such MADM problems. This paper reports application of DEA to evaluate problem of selection of alternatives in few manufacturing situations, viz. cutting fluid selection, attribute, & alternative rankings, & best end scenario selection.DEA RCCR/AR is applied to the application to obtain logical rankings of alternatives. Keywords- Multi Attribute Decision Making Method; Data Envelopment Analysis; Cutting Fluid Selection; Attribute And Alternative Rankings.