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A Review On The Methodologies Used In Failure Modes And Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Failure mode and effect analysis is a risk evaluation technique that minimizes potential failures in any process or machine or system. The risk priority number forms the basis for prioritizing the failure modes. However, this method has been criticized as it has many deficiencies and various risk priority models have been proposed in the literature that has been reviewed in the paper. The paper reviews the literature pertaining to the Failure modes and how the models are proposed based on the decision making techniques. The fuzzy logic is seen to be the most common technique that has been used by various authors. But it still has some limitations which have been identified in this paper. The paper also describes the methods to overcome these limitations. Though various authors have proposed various methods, optimization techniques have never been used. After the review the authors suggest the use of optimization techniques to be used to overcome the limitations that have been found out in this paper.