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The Effect Of Orange Peel Powder Extracts In Diesel Solution On Exhaust Gas Emissions In Compression Ignition Engine

In the present energy scenario of fossil fuel, renewable energy sources such as biodiesel, bio ethanol, bio methane, and biomass from wastes or hydrogen have become the subjects of great interest. These fuels contribute to the reduction of the dependence on fossil fuels. In addition, energy sources such as biodiesel using neem oil, thumba oil, rice bran oil etc. could partially replace the use of conventional fuels which are responsible for environmental pollution. For the above mentioned reasons they are known as “alternative fuels”. Diesel engines due to their inherent fuel economy, easy operation, low maintenance and long life, find wide uses in the field of transportation, construction equipments, marine and stationary applications such as water pumping, power generation etc. The current experiments were conducted on the single cylinder, 4 stroke, constant speed CI engine using Orange Peel Powder Diesel Solution (OPPDS) successfully. The diesel is mixed with 20% wt. and 30% wt. orange powder and kept idle for 15 days, then filtered to obtain test fuels which are tested for emissions and is compared and analyzed with the emissions of pure diesel. The blends when used as fuel results in the reduction of nitric oxide, hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide. The results were analyzed and was observed that the optimal load at which appreciable % reduction in emissions for 20% and 30% OPPDS was found to be at 20% load. The % reduction in Carbon dioxide, Hydrocarbon hexane, Nitric oxide are 13.3%, 53.3%, 27.9% respectively for 20% OPPDS and 13.3%, 58%, 20.4% respectively for 30% OPPDS.