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Development Of Electro-Hydraulic Excavator Used In Heavy Duty Applications: A Novel View

The increasing trend in the employment of electro-hydraulic systems has become prominent due to their vantages in bettering efficiency. The hybrid system as in whole fuses the electric and hydraulic technology into a compact unit, have been accommodated to an extensive variety of force, speed and torque prerequisites. Hence, these hybrid systems are being exploited in heavy duty applications as they can easily cope up with the environmental problems. This paper examines the difference between hybrid powered automobile vehicle and hybrid powered heavy duty application machinery such as excavator. Normally energy storage source supervises the energy consumption in case of hybrid machines. There is substantial loss of energy as the machine starts and stops frequently which makes the way for the concept of energy regeneration. Hence the design, development and the research guided on the energy regeneration of the excavator and its wide applications are also portrayed.