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CFD Analyses On The Coal/Oxidizer Burner Designs Of Coal Gasifier For Improving Gasification Performances And Non-Slagging Characteristics

CFD modeling and simulations are made on the top-feeding coal/oxidizer burner designs of the coal gasifier in 20 ton/day Korean test-bed facility. The 3-D reacting flow field inside coal gasifier is analyzes by using Reynolds-stress Averaged Navier-Stokes equation(RANS) solver of the FLUENT code with user-supplied gas-phase and char reaction models of coal. With varying oxidizer distributions through primary and secondary nozzles, CFD simulations are carried out to investigate the gas velocity, the gas species distributions and the coal particle tracks inside coal gasifier. From the computational results, when the 40% of total oxidizer mass is fed through secondary nozzle, coal gasifier shows the best cold gas efficiency of 76% and carbon conversion of 90%, and the most favorable flow pattern and coal particle track for nonslagging operation. Keywords— Coal Gasification, CFD, Carbon Conversion, Cold Gas Efficiency, Non-slagging.