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Static Finite Element Analysis And Validation Of N1 Type Vehicle Chassis Members For Bending Performance

In Structural Engineering the components produced may be of different types and sizes, from flat plates of very simple shape to complex 3 Dimensional solid body. In their operating conditions the components maybe subjected to various types of loading and prescribed displacements, with the rising cost of materials, overdesign and resultant material wastage maybe extremely costly for high volume production item. Therefore, Stress Analysis at the design stage is imperative if service failures are to be avoided and near optimum design is to be achieved for the specified operating conditions. Here in this paper Finite Element Analysis under static load conditions of TATA ACE Chassis in two dimension has been conducted using ANSYS APDL. Modeling of chassis was done using the software CATIA V5 after tear down benchmarking. The results have been analytically verified by using Macaulay’s method to calculate deflection of the beam due to bending. Keywords— Finite element analysis, Macaulay’s method, ANSYS, CATIA V5, Analytical validation.