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Parametric Evaluation Of Drilling Operation Of Medium Carbon Steel Using Response Surface Methodology

To compete world-wide competition manufacturing firm has to be update with respect to science & technological field to transform their product output with excellent qualities with compatible prices. The enhancement of productivity in manufacturing processes effects on the acceleration of the design and evolution in modern cutting tools. Drilling is one of the economical process in which material is removed and create a hole in the vicinity as desired size. Drilling is frequently employed in industries owing to the need for component assembly in mechanical structures. As per the researchers report, the quality of the drilled hole strongly depends on the drilling parameters, tool material and tool geometry. Consider the drilling parameters during processing such as spindle speed, feed rate and tool angle applied on tool which consequently effects. So the prime motive is to optimize the process parameters which then results in terms of best solution. This optimizing combination to minimize the surface roughness, maximize the material removal rate and minimize the drilling time expectance along with maintaining quality of drilled hole by using standard RSM (Response surface Methodology) on medium carbon steel component. The purpose of this research is to study the effect of process parameters such as spindle speed, feed and drill point angles on surface roughness, operation time and material removal rate during the drilling of medium carbon steel part using carbide drill bit. Design of Experiments (DOE) will be adopted and the optimum combination of process parameter settings will be found out using the integration of Response Surface Methodology. Keywords— Drilling, Optimization, Response Surface Methodology.