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Experimental Study Of Nanorefrigerant (R134a+Al2o3) Based On Vapor Compression Refrigeration System

In today’s world refrigeration systems play a vital role to fulfill the human needs and a continuous research is being carried out by many researchers in order to improve the performance of these systems. Here, a attempt has been made to improve the performance of the system. Our, present study on experimental investigations into the performance of nanorefrigerant (R134a + Al2O3) based refrigeration system. It was observed that there is more temperature drop across the condenser for the nanorefrigerant (12.37% – 10.88%) compared to refrigerant R134a. Similarly, a gain of 5.52% and 9.24% was obtained for evaporator temperature. An improvement in COP was also observed during the investigations (1.17% – 9.14%). This was achieved under 25–26 oC evaporator temperature load. The results indicate that coefficient of performance increases with the usage of nano Al2O3. Thus using Al2O3 nanorefrigerant in refrigeration system is found to be feasible. Keywords- Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles, Silicon Oxide Nanoparticles, Nanorefrigerant, Thermal Conductivity, COP, Energy Consumption.