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Static Analysis On A Savonius Rotor Type Wind Turbine Made Using Mild Steel Material

With depleting fossil fuels and hydrocarbons, alternate energy resources have become very important. Wind energy is one such renewable source of energy to be considered and a wind turbine is a device used to tap this energy. Wind energy has great potential but is not much explored. Wind energy is available at high altitudes, near the shores and many other such areas. Savonius Rotor Wind Turbine is a vertical axis wind turbine which has high starting torque. This work is an effort to find the usability of wind turbines made of Mild Steel material. In this paper the authors have tried to prove that materials like mild steel if used can withstand and sustain even in harsh wind conditions. The vertical axis wind turbine is modelled in Creo Parametric 2.0.The analysis is carried out in Ansys 15.0. Keywords- Savonius Rotor Wind Turbine, Aspect Ratio, Overlap Ratio, Parametric Ratio