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Dynamic Impact Analysis Of Vehicle Bridge Interaction System

Vehicle Bridge Interaction (VBI)-a coupled, non-linear time dependent dynamic analysis for a single span bridge was carried out in the present study. Two different values of span length i.e. 60 m and 80 m were chosen for VBI analysis. The effects of VBI were studied for four different vehicular speeds viz. 50 Km/hr, 70 Km/hr, 100Km/hr and 120 Km/hr. A two dimensional vehicle bridge model was developed to study the influence of bridge’s span on the VBI using mode superposition method. Euler-Bernoulli beam theory was adopted to develop the kinetic model of the bridge sub-system and the two-axle lumped vehicle model. Four degrees of freedom system with only one vehicle moving across the bridge was considered for the present study. Considering one vehicle with constant parameters moving across the bridge for each model, a comparative study was conducted between span 60m and 80m. The results revealed a crucial role of bridge spans in influencing the vehicle-bridge vibration. Keywords— Euler-Bernoulli beam theory, Mode Superposition method, Vehicle Bridge Interaction (VBI), Vibration.