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Mechanical Propertied Of The Prosthesis Limp From PVC Glass Fiber Sandwich

The development of polymer composite materials led to technological advances across a wide range of applications in modern orthopaedic medicine and prosthetic devices. Composites typically possess a superior strength to weight characteristic compared to monolithic materials as well as excellent biocompatibility. In particular, the development of specifically designed carbon fiber sports prostheses now allows lower-limb amputees to actively participate in competitive sports. An artificial prosthesis of composite glass fiber reinforced with epoxy resin was prepared. Two layers of glass fiber were laminated together with PVC foam sandwich between the two layers of glass fiber. Epoxy resin was used to laminate the layers of the composite material, and the vacuum process was applied to manufacturing the compositesamples. The tensile strength, bending and compressive of composite material were investigated using a universal testing machine (UTM), and the testing results were analyzed and discussed. The testing results shows the glass composite prosthesis has a good tensile, and compressive properties. Keywords- Fiber Reinforce Composite, Biomedical Materials, Prosthesis, Biocompatibility.