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Development Of Magnetic Circuit Design In Multi Sandwich Magneto Rheological Elastomer (MRE) Isolator

Magnetic circuit configuration for magneto rheological elastomer (MRE) isolator is one of the important criteria to produce various values of magnetic field strength. This study presents simulation exercises by taking into account the important parameters, such as cylindrical housing part, selection of materials and thickness of cylindrical housing, for obtaining the optimum magnetic field strength of multi sandwich MRE isolator. These parameters were selected based on the optimum magnetic field density at the effective areas in MRE isolator design. Finite Element Method Magnetics (FEMM) software package has been utilized to simulate magnetic field strength, generated by the electromagnetic coil for improving the MRE isolator performance. Therefore, the simulation results by incorporating the effect of cylindrical housing part, which have been added in designing the multi sandwich MRE isolator, are presented. The results showed that the average flux with magnetic cylindrical housing is increased about 64% higher than without cylindrical housing, while the range of effective thickness for cylindrical housing is from 1 to 6 mm. Keywords- Magneto rheological Elastomer, Magnetic Circuit, Isolator