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Optimization Of Pcm Number In Hot Water Tank For The Application Of Solar Driven Adsorption Chiller In Tropical Climate

PCM (Phase Change Material) is becoming more widely used of thermal energy storage. In fact, PCM is one of the most used thermal energy storage in order to encounter the discontinuity of energy supply. In this paper, PCM is being used for solar adsorption cooling system which attached to the hot water tank to supply hot water into the chiller. Climatic data of tropical climate in Depok, Indonesia is being chosen as the sample area. The most recent chiller developed by SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) is being applied into the system integrated with a 2 m3 water tank. The system is being mathematically modelled and simulated using MATLAB®. The simulation is run transiently at working hours in a day. The results demonstrated the running characteristic of chiller in several amount of PCM. The result shows that while using silica gel-water pair adsorption chiller, PCM with the area of 0.2052 m2 or 180 tubes of PCMs attached to the system has the best performance which has the COP reach 0.3311. On the other hand, while using zeolite-water pair adsorption chiller, the performance has a proportional comparison that more PCM has higher COP. Keywords— Phase Change Material, Solar Cooling, Adsorption Chiller, Tropical Climate.