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Numerical Simulation Of Airfoil Vibration

Flutter is an unstable oscillation which can lead to destruction. Flutter can occur on fixed surfaces, such as wing, blades, or the stabilizer. By self-excited aeroelastic instability, flutter can lead to mechanical or structural failure of aircraft wing. The modern Aircrafts have been designed with increased pressure ratio and reduced weight in order to improve aerodynamic efficiency, resulting in severe aeroelastic problems. Particularly flutter in wing at high subsonic flow can be characterized by a number of aerodynamic nonlinear effects such as Pitching & Twisting, and tip vortex instability. Fluid and Structure are two different domains which will be coupled by full system coupling technique to predict the fluttering effect in wing. MATLAB is a commercial Numerical simulation tool, which will be deployed in this work to perform the time domain frequency and damping ratio variation of Pitching and Twisting motion of the through Model Analysis method. Keywords— Dynamic Aeroelasticity, Flutter, Modal Analysis.