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Finite Element Analysis Of Fractured Tibia With A Patient Specific Implant

Tibial fractures are very common in a country like India where the rate of accidents or collisions is high. The fractures caused may vary in its depth and intensity. Hence such fractures cannot bear the weight of the body and an implant has to be designed to assist the fractured bone on load bearing of the body weight. In this project, the segmentation, meshing and the stress, strain and deformation analysis of the normal tibia and the fractured tibia is done. But the main purpose of this project was to design an implant for the fractured tibia that is patient specific and approve the application of the designed implant to assist the tibia based on the stress analysis that should have a value less than that of the fractured tibia and close to that of the normal tibia.[1] The load bearing characteristics vary with the compressive, tensile or shear strength and hence careful analysis of the bone has to done prior to the design process. Prediction of the fracture type and its propagation patterns in the tibial shaft were highly comparable to the radiography images taken from injured bones of patients and experimental impact loadings of real bone by other researchers. Keywords— Tibia; Finite Element Analysis; Plate; Screw; Fracture.