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Micro Unmanned Air Vehicles Formation Process And Models

Everything is in progress and in a constant state of flux nowadays. The newest marvel of our era, UAVs, have the largest share in this fast paced change. UAVs have large areas of usage therefore they have also large forms of tilisation. They are invented with the help of new technology and insect-sized micro unmanned air vehicle came to light. This invention increased performance of troops because they are very effective with the least loss rate of units at operations. In addition, they are easy-to-use and portable. This essay provides information about unmanned air vehicles’ present-day conversion and micro unmanned air vehicles. It also compares manned and unmanned air vehicles and why we use unmanned air vehicles. It explores where we are using micro air vehicles and gives several examples which are very good at in their field. Keywords— Unmanned Air Vehicles, Portable, Micro UAVs, Developed Technology.