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Role Of Coir Fibre In Crack Reduction In Concrete

The role of coir fibre to reduce the cracks in cement concrete has been evaluated on the basis of performance of coir fibre in the test performed. As the natural fibres are renewable and nonabrasive, the natural fibre can be very promising. The coir fibre, having the highest toughness among all the existing natural fibres and a good shock absorber as well, is used in concrete. Compressive strength, split tensile strength and petrography tests were executed for analysis of crack reduction. It has been found out that cracks are reduced by coir fibre addition in concrete, with almost equivalent compressive and split tensile strength in comparison to the plain cement concrete. It has been deduced that coir fibre concrete showed ductile failure. The petrography test showed no degradation after 28 days in surface of coir fibre even in the alkaline environment of concrete. Index Terms- Coir fibre, crack, compressive strength, splitting tensile, petrography test