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Numerical Modeling Of Single Pile In A Two-Layered Soil

The purpose of this article is to elucidate the behavior of single pile under axial loading in a two-layered soil, as far as settlement and load transfer mechanisms are concerned. Design of axially loaded piles due to the load from the structure relies on a number of theoretical and numerical approaches. Finite element analysis offers an excellent way to study the soil-pile interaction and pile’s response under the axial loading due to structural load. This paper presents the results of modeling in 2D finite element package Plaxis for the case of axially loaded single pile under axis-symmetric conditions, two-layered soil. The results are presented in the form of Load vs Settlement graphs for different slenderness ratio of the pile (L/D= 7.5, 10, 12.5). Two types of layering systems, i.e. soft clay overlying stiff sand and vice-versa are also considered. Results were also verified by using ALPA-XL spreadsheet designed by the researchers of Purdue University which is openly available on the web. Reasonable agreement has been achieved in comparing the single pile’s response against the published results of the pile. Index Terms- Axially loaded piles, Layering, Plaxis 2D, Soil-pile interaction, Two-layered soil.