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Air Plasma Spraying Behaviour On Zro2 And Y2o3 Over Ni- Based Superalloy, At High Temperature And Its Effect On Tribological Characterisation - A Review

The studies were carried out using a high temperature version of the friction and wear test sophisticated machine which were performed at temperatures ranging from 25 ° C to 1000 ° C. The materials used in the experiments were Ni based superalloys of three different alloying compositions (with and without coatings). The coatings materials used on the base substrate of Ni based superalloys over were ZrO2, Y2O3, HfO2 coated through atmospheric plasma spraying techniques (APS) with the nominal compositions and desirable process parameters to influence on the properties of base substrate to improve in applications. The results prove both friction and wear of tribological behaviour of materials with the coatings are temperature dependent. The aim of this work is to obtain a better understanding of friction and wear mechanisms of Ni based superalloys at high temperature on the tribological pairs. The corresponding wear and friction obtained experimentally would show the wear resistance and thereby decrease in friction at high temperature. Hence the coating undergoes significant surface morphological changes when exposed to elevated temperatures, which are likely to influence greatly to its tribological behaviour accordingly. Keywords— Airplasma Spraying, Coating Materials, High Temperature Tribology, Ni-based Superalloy.