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Mechanical Characterisation Of Stir Cast Aluminium 7075 Matrix Reinforced With Grey Cast Iron & Fly Ash

Aluminium based metal matrix composites find varied applications in aerospace, defense, automobile, sports equipment and electronics due to their favourable properties viz. light weight, high strength and coefficient of thermal expansion. The commercial Al–Zn–Mg–Cu (7075) alloy is used extensively in the aerospace industry for the fabrication of structural components. In the present work, Al 7075 Reinforced with 2,4 & 6 wt% of Grey Cast Iron & 2 wt% of Fly Ash are manufactured using stir casting technique. Specimens are prepared as per the international standards and tensile, hardness, impact, wear tests are conducted. It was concluded that Fly ash and cast iron powder up to 6% can be added to Al successfully by stir casting route to produce a hybrid composite. The hardness and tensile strength increased with the increase in concentration of cast iron powder. The wear and frictional force decreased with the increase in concentration of cast iron powder in the aluminium matrix. Impact strength variation is marginal with the increase in wt% of Grey Cast Iron. Keywords- Metal Matrix Composite, Stir Casting, Hardness Test, Tensile Test, Impact Test, Wear Test