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Torsional Response Of Structures Retrofitted With Fluid Viscous Dampers In Different Configurations Subjected To Bi-Directional Seismic Excitations

The paper investigates the effectiveness of different configurations of fluid viscous dampers (FVDs) in reducing the torsional response of structures subjected to earthquakes. For this purpose, a ten storey RC frame structure is analysed by considering bi-directional components of previous earthquake records to obtain its torsional behaviour. The structure is retrofitted with FVDs in diagonal, toggle brace and chevron configurations and its response is studied. The effect of angle of incidence of accelerograms on the structure is also considered in this study. From the study, it is observed that the angle of incidence of earthquakes influences the torsional response of structures considerably. Results indicate that FVDs in toggle brace configuration can suppress the torsional response of structures significantly. Keywords— Torsional response, Angle of incidence, Fluid viscous dampers.