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Experimental Investigations For The Thermal Characteristics Of Fluidized Bed Cooling Tower At Higher Flow Rates

Cooling tower is a type of direct contact heat exchanger, inside of which heat is withdrawn from the water by contact between the water and the air. The heat transfer occurs through the heat exchange between air and water and through the evaporation of a small part of the water that needs to be cooled. This will allow to cool down to a temperature lower than the ambient temperature. The phenomenon of heat and mass transfer in cooling tower is of complex one due to the direct contact between air and the water droplets from the spray nozzles which may not be uniform. In the present study a prototype was designed and fabricated by incorporating six calibrated Platinum Resistance Thermometers for temperature measurements of liquid and air with one located just below the fluidised bed itself while another was positioned below the plenum chamber to measure outlet water temperature. The inlet hot water temperatures are carried out for 50°C, 55°C and 60°C while the inlet air wet-bulb temperature averaged about 22°C spherical packing arrangements were studied at static bed height of 300mm which will be varying up to 500mm due to fluidization. experimental conduct provides the improvement in the performance of the cooling tower with the fluidized bed packing at high liquid to water flow rates and it is found that the performance of the cooling tower performs better with the increase in number of diffusion units with the increase in L/G ratio and also with better range and approach the thermal characteristics are more with the fluidized bed cooling towers. Keywords— Number of diffusion units, L/G ratio, WBT, condenser temperature, Bubbling Fluidization.