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Performance Investigation Of Automobile Radiator Using Al2o3 As Base Nanofluid

Cooling system plays important roles to control the temperature of car’s engine. One of the important element in car cooling system is the radiator. Radiator plays an important role in heat exchange. Conventional coolants like water, ethylene glycol are not efficient enough to improve the car’s performance. Therefore with the development of new technology in the field of ‘nano-materials’ and ‘nano-fluids’, it seems to effectively use these technologies in car radiators to improve engine efficiency, reduce weight of vehicle and size of radiator. In this study, effect of adding Al2O3 nanoparticle as a base fluid in radiator will be investigated experimentally. Forced convective heat transfer of water and ethylene glycol based nanofluid will be compared expermimentally with water, water + ethylene glycol (60:40), water+ethylene glycol+ nanoparticles have been carried out. The experimental results show that Al2O3 based coolant show better heat transfer as compared to other coolants. Index Terms— Aluminum Oxide, Ethylene Glycol, Nanofluid, Radiator.