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A Review On Design, Analysis And Shape Optimization Of Spur Gears Of The Gear-Box Reduction Of The Working Wheel Of The Excavator SCHRS 1300 24/5.0 Using CAD/CAE Software

Gears are one of the most important components in mechanical power transmission systems. The bending and surface strength of the gear tooth are considered to be one of the main contributors for the failure of the gear in gear set. The three dimensional solid model can be generated in CAD software, in this case we have created model in Autodesk Inventor 2015. This model of the spur gears are imported in ANSYS software and then contact stress and bending stress can be calculated in ANSYS. The paper presents the results of calculation of pair spur-gears that it used in the gear-box reduction of the working wheel of the Excavator located in open-cast coal mines in “Bardhi i Madh - Fushë Kosovë” , and after that will be optimized the shape of the spur gear with usage of ANSYS software. To be more specific, how much material can be removed from the gear body without compromising the gear meshing properties? Consequently, the aim of this research is to reduce weigh of the gears. Keywords- CAD/CAE software, FEM, Stress-Strain Analysis, Spur-Gear, Shape Optimization CAD-Computer Aided Design, CAE-Computer Aided Engineering, FEM-Finite Element Method