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Design Of Electronic Enclosure For Given Thermal Load

In this paper, we will be designing the Chassis according to JSS-55555. The electronic chassis contain many electronic components including Printed Circuit Board (PCB), connectors, etc. Connectors are soldered to the PCB to complete the electronic circuit. This solder joint are weakest link in electronic circuit. Special attention has to be made while designing the circuit and chassis so that the stress level on this solder joints are minimum. Hence for this reason, special attention is done while designing of chassis and mounting of circuit boards so that the natural frequency of chassis does not match with the external natural frequency. By adopting this way, we can avoid the phenomenon of resonance. To ensure that the chassis will sustain such external factors, Ministry of Defense of India has listed Qualification Test (QT) which is released in Joint Service Specification (JSS) manual, which the chassis has to qualify to be used in defense system. Every circuit board emit some heat which increase its temperature. The ICs, connector and other parts of the circuit board have some range of operating temperature beyond which the ICs, connectors and other parts get effected. To ensure that the temperature of the circuit board is well within operating range, thermal management has to be done. We have choose proper fans and there placement for most efficient thermal management. Index Terms— Electronic chassis, PCB, Vibration, Thermal management.