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Design Analysis Of Robotic Arm Motion For Computed Tomography Image Guided Medical Procedure

In the era of evidence based medicine, accurate diagnosis is essential prior to treatment. In some situations tissue sampling is done under CT guidance to obtain the accurate diagnosis. Currently there is no accurate method to do such diagnosis as doctors use eye ball method to find the trajectory of the needle using CT image. In this research paper a robotic arm is designed that can reach the target point by just taking coordinate points of the target as input. The coordinate of the target point can be found from a computed tomography (CT) image. The main focus behind modeling this robotic arm is to make it space efficient ,cost effective and suitable for medical environment with precision. This robotic arm has 6 links and 3 degrees of freedom with R-R-R joints. Designing of the robotic arm is done in CREO software. Forward and inverse Kinematics is used to formulate the equation used in evaluating and graphing of the workspace of the robotic arm using MATLAB software. Joint space method and Cartesian space method is used to evaluate the Path to be traced by the end needle of the robotic arm. Simulation and Path tracing is done in MATLAB software using more than one target coordinate points. The results of the simulation show that the level of error is negligible and well acceptable in medical environment. To make the robotic arm cost efficient Acetal material can be used as it is cheap, FDA approved and suitable in medical environment. Keywords— Robotic Arm for Medical Purpose, 6 Link Mechanism, 3-DOF, CREO, MATLAB, Simulation and Path Tracing.