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Quantitative Detection Of Calcium Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy For Apply In Bone Densitometry

At present, the conventional method for measuring bone density is X-raytechnique. However, the equipment is expensive and X-ray is harmful for health since radiation can cause cell mutation which can lead to cancer. The present research aims to study the possibility of using near-infrared light for measuring bone density. Bone densitometry was designed by using Light-Emitting Diode (LED) with wavelength of 1720 nm as an emitter and the photo diode (PD) as a receiver. Calcium blocks were prepared in order to mimic the bone with various thicknesses and densities. As a result, it is clear that output voltage increases with increasing either thickness or density of calcium. This means light absorbance ability increases with increasing calcium thickness and density. The correlation coefficient of R>0.99 (n=30) confirms that optical spectrum at 1720nm can accurately measure bone density and thickness and suitable for further apply to bone densitometry. Keywords— Bone densitometry, Calcium hydroxyapatite, Near-infrared, Osteoporosis.