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Performance Modeling of Single Rotor And Contra Rotor For Offshore Wind Energy System

Abstract- Wind energy is one of the most promising solutions, especially considering its growth and technological advancements. The use of wind energy for electricity generation is growing rapidly across the world and in India. However, the geographical characteristics of the country along with the environmental restrictions imposed to these projects create limitations to the exploit of the onshore wind resource and the best onshore wind spots are already committed. So, the possibility of offshore wind farms in the India. Offshore wind farms also solve environmental obstacles such as the selection and acquisition of land for a site. Generally faster wind speeds are observed in offshore areas than in onshore areas. Therefore, for the development of offshore wind energy, is expected to be generated more electricity with low expenditure by using contra rotor wind turbine for Offshore Wind Energy System. The aim of this paper is to determine the feasibility of improving wind energy performance and reducing the weight by utilizing a contra rotating wind turbine system. This kind of wind turbine has characteristic self-regulated on the speed due to the difference torque between two stages horizontal axis wind turbine, than no need pitch controller to control the speed and cut off the wind turbine due to the high wind speed. In this paper, the study of wind potential and weight estimation of off-shore wind farms is calculated. For a site, the cost of energy is also calculated. For contra rotor the outcome of the analysis is cost effective utilization of the offshore wind energy.