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Study Of Principal Stress And Principal Strain Between Mild Steel And Aluminium Alloys Using Strain Gauge

In this era of modern technologies the use of light weight and high performance based machines is rampant. In this regard we have made an attempt to study the material characteristics of aluminium as it is a light weighted material and comparison study with mild steel. A specimen of mild steel shaft and aluminium shaft is fabricated on which two set of rosettes are mounted and the mechanical parameters are found by using experimental setup “Delta Strain Gauge Rosette”. In the experimental setup of “delta strain gauge rosette”, as the name indicates, the strain gauges are positioned in delta arrangement. This arrangement requires three strain gauges which are relatively positioned at an angle of 0o, 60o and 120o respectively. The main intention behind this setup is to study the principal stress, principal strain, maximum shear stress and maximum shear strain of aluminium shaft as well as mild steel shaft and comparison is done. keywords– mild steel, aluminium, rosettes, strain gauge, principal stress, principal strain, maximum principal stress and maximum principal strain.