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Optimization Of Engine Characteristics Using Neem Oil-Ethanol Blend

In this investigation an effort is made to optimize the engine operating parameters like injector opening pressure(IOP), fuel injection timing(FIT) and compression ratio (CR) in order to obtain highest brake thermal efficiency(BTE), and lowest possible emissions of oxides of nitrogen and smoke. A single cylinder four stroke engine was fuelled with 70% Neem oil and 30% anhydrous ethanol blend (BNeO-70). In order to obtain optimum combination of engine operating parameters, experiments are designed using design of experiments based on Taguchi and Grey relational approach. Engine operating parameters were varied at three levels. A combination of injection pressure of 240 bar, injection timing of 27° before top dead centre and a compression ratio of 18 resulted in highest brake thermal efficiency and lowest smoke opacity. Results of confirmation tests are very near to the predicted values. Index terms- Neem oil - ethanol blend, Design of experiments, engine operating parameters, Grey relational analysis, Engine characteristics