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Engine Exhaust Transfer Connection Design Based On High Back Pressure In Exhaust Brake Applications

Abstract— High back pressure condition in automotive exhaust piping is an important consideration in the design and optimization of exhaust systems which uses exhaust brakes. The complex geometry of the exhaust line and the special flow conditions complicate the process of designing robust exhaust connections. This paper initially summarizes the current status of knowledge regarding exhaust piping design in automotive exhaust systems. An automotive example is then considered, where the need was to improve exhaust piping reliability against high back pressure loads of 5 bars along with high thermal loads. The turbocharger outlet pipe design was thus optimized ensuring structural integrity against high back pressure and thermal loads and also ensuring that the restrictions to exhaust gas flow are within acceptable limits. Design and analytical procedures are outlined enabling the general analysis of exhaust gas systems. In this example, along with CFD analysis, Structural and Modal analysis results are studied which simulate the impact of exhaust brake operation. Simulation results show the effect of heavy back pressure streams through exhaust.