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Investigation Of Metal Stiffeners In Frp Composite Gears For Increasing Tooth Bending Strength

Abstract - In the case of Plastic (FRP)-Metal hybrid composite technology, the properties of two materials are combined in an optimal manner, resulting in synergistic effects that cannot be achieved with the respective materials alone. This hybrid composite technology has a great potential in geared transmissions where plastic-metal gears can lead to low cost, light weight, high strength & improved performance of the system. The work is intended towards enhancing the tooth bending strength of fiber reinforced plastic gears by intrusion of metal stiffeners inside the geometry of each tooth. FEA is carried out for investigation of the effect of various cross sections used for stiffener geometry and different materials used for remaining part of gear. Ls-Dyna and HYPERMESH software are used for FEA study. To ensure the correctness of the results obtained by FEA, these results are correlate with available material test data.