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Experimental Evaluation of Lubricant Effect on Cold Forward Extrusion of Aa6063

Cold forward extrusion is done by applying compressive force on the billet. Load varies from material to material. Usage of lubricant reduces the load to some extent. Hence providing a lower load range, improves the durability of the tool as well the setup. Surface finish is another key factor which improves the aesthetics of a material. In general a good surface finish is preferred to any surface, unless and until it is specified to be rough to get a good surface finish the material is to undergo many grinding operations. It is our job to continuously reduce the processing time, research works are carried on metal forming stage itself so as to decrease number of operations. In the present work lubricants such as petroleum jelly, coconut oil, grease, engine oil are evaluated in the extrusion process for the best possible surface finish. Positive results were observed for engine oil. Index Terms— Extrusion, Die entry angle, Die design, Lubrication, AA6063, Surface roughness.