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Design and Performance Testing of a Small-Scaled Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine For Low Wind Speed Regions

In this paper, locally developed small wind turbine was tested to observe power performance at low wind speed range of 1.5m/s to 6m/s. Thin airfoil was selected from well-known series for low Reynolds’ number due to low wind speed. SG 6043 airfoil was used for low Reynolds’ number 150,000 [12]. The turbine blades were fabricated from Ya-Ma-Nay wood because of its easily available, light weight, good strength, and low-cost. The design rotor swept area was 2 sq. meters and its design angle of attack was 5. Tip speed ratio was chosen 6 for three-bladed wooden wind turbine. The rotational speed of rotor was designed 500rpm at rated wind speed 6 m/s. Performance Testing was carried out on the roof of Main-Building at Mandalay Technological University, Mandalay. The wind turbine hub placed 16 m above the ground. The experimental data were measured every 15 minutes. Instantaneous cut-in wind speed occurred around 3.5 m/s and average cut-in wind speed occurred 2.5 m/s. The power versus velocity curves were shown for the turbine blades’ performance. Index Terms- Low wind speed, performance test, thin airfoil, Ya-Ma-Nay wood.