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Frequency Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Based Mass Sensor

This paper presents finite element modeling (FEM) of carbon nanotube (CNT) and explores the suitability of CNT based nanoresonator to be used as mass sensor. Simulation of CNT based mass sensor has been carried out for two different configurations namely, cantilevered and bridged boundary conditions using FEM based software ABAQUS.The effect of varying length of CNT as well as mass on resonance frequency have been simulated and observed that shorter length of CNT is more sensitive for sensing mass as small as of the order of zeptogram level. Also the influence of position of attached mass on resonance frequency has been explored in the present work. Based on analysis, it has been observed that mass up to 10E-25kg or even less can be detected using CNT based nanoresonator. Index Terms— Carbon Nanotube, Mass Sensor, Euler Bernoulli Beam, Finite Element Method.