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Three Output Epicyclic Gear Systems For Robotic Hand

Abstract: At present in robotic field most prototypes have number of fingers comprised between two and five, except in case of tentacle inspired system. The concept of under actuation in robotic grasping with fewer actuators than degrees of freedom (DOF) allows the hand to adjust itself to an irregularly shaped object without complex control strategies and sensors. The power transmission used in such a system confirms the requirements of adaptivity and compactness. In this study we are designing a one input three output differential mechanism incorporating an epicyclic gear train. A gear train having relative motion of axes is called planetary or epicyclic gear trains. In an epicyclic gear train system the axis of at least one of the gear moves relative to other. Coupling of two epicyclic gears axially produce a three output system with compact shape. The reverse of the system find its great application in the hybrid vehicles of next generation.