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A Study on Grating Cut-Outs

Grating is used as a flooring material in many industries as well as for drainage and for platforms around vessels and columns. It is also used as a pit and drain covers where heavy haul vehicle movement is expected. Though design of grating panels is not considered a high end engineering activity, but proper management of the whole process of grating engineering, fabrication and installation is crucial to the success of the project. In one of the recent project engineered by Fluor Daniel India, about 10000 sq. meter of grating was laid. The paper discusses the various issues that were faced in the entire course related to provisioning of grating, starting from engineering to installation. These issues pertain to design of gratings with large opening, management of changes in cutouts post issue of drawings. Standard way to provide supporting arrangements for those new cut-outs in the erected grating panel would hamper cost baseline and schedule baseline. A fast and economic way to tackle the problem was implemented. To achieve a rapid and economical solution, the paper presents solutions that were given at site to take care of the huge number of modification required so as to effectively reduce construction time. Keyword— Grating components, Surface Treatment, Grating Cutouts, Grating Cutouts challenges.