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MCDM Technique For Composite Selection

In This Research Article Epoxy and polyester based composites reinforced with Glass Fiber/Fillers are fabricated by manual hand layup process and mechanical properties like Tensile Strength, Tensile modulus, Flexural Strength, ILSS, Hardness and impact strength are determined. Selection of a composite with respect to above mechanical characterization parameters is a difficult task; some selection procedure techniques are required to overcome from this confusion state. TOPSIS is one of the selection procedure technique adopted for this problem. This technique provides a base for decision-making processes where there are limited numbers of choices but each has large number of attributes. In this paper some composites are considered with different compositions and various mechanical properties. Selection of the best composite is done using TOPSIS technique Index Terms— TOPSIS, Normalized decision matrix, Positive and Negative Ideal solutions, Relative closeness, Ranking.