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Parametric Analysis of Steel Bracing in Steel Structure Subjected to Wind Load

A structure is designed to resist all types of loads. To resist lateral loads building must be stifferand stronger. To achieve stiffness and to resist lateral loads cross sectional size of the bottom member gets increase because of which there is a restriction to height of the structure. Otherwise the section of the bottom storey will yield larger, hence in case of steel structure it will become tiresome to handle and installation become uneconomical. Several systems are there to resist lateral forces, more familiar are shear walls and bracings. This paper gives effect of wind as a lateral load on different co-centric bracing system. The bracing systems compared are Diagonal, V- bracing and Inverted V Bracing. For analysis purpose STAAD Pro V8i SS6 software used and several parameters were compared. Index Terms— Lateral load, Shear wall, Bracing.