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A Parametric Study On Efficiency Of Tubular Joint Cans In Offshore Structures

Abstract- In offshore platforms, the tubular joints are widely used due to the structural advantages it possess. It should be noted that the efficiency of a tubular joint can is one of the deciding factor in extending the life span of the offshore platform. So for a designer, the proper selection of geometry for a joint holds a key priority. But the designers usually encounter a challenge in selecting the proper geometry due to the restriction in the available standard sizes in the market. In this study, API-RP-2A-WSD (American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice Working Stress Design) for simple joints are critically reviewed and a parametric study is undertaken to study the load carrying capacity of tubular joint by varying diameter ratio and wall thickness ratio. A fixed jacket offshore platform model is analysed to get the internal force distribution of a simple tubular joint and in conjunction with the parametric study, the allowable load variation vis-a-vis the variation in internal loads are considered to realize the efficiency of tubular joint. A visual basic program is developed to determine the allowable axial stress and allowable in-plane bending and out-of-plane bending stresses in the simple tubular joint by incorporating recommendations from API-RP-2A-WSD for different parameters. Graphs are generated and depicts the behaviour of tubular joints.