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Exhaust Transfer Connection Material Selection Meeting Critical Qualification Requirements In Automotive Application

Abstract- The automotive exhaust system basically consists of a series of tubes that collect the gases at the engine and convey them to the rear of the automobile. The selection of correct material for exhaust piping design is a key step in the process because it is the crucial decision that impacts all the aspects of system life as design, simulation, manufacturability, cost and performance of the system. The requirements of exhaust system provide guidelines for transfer connection design, analysis and development. These have various critical qualification requirements including vibration, noise, durability and thermal distribution, flow and power loss, emission, in addition to its interface with vehicle. The use of stainless steel components in automotive exhaust system tubing continues to grow rapidly. This study is useful to develop an understanding of exhaust piping system material property requirement and guides towards material decision based on component functions. This paper includes the recommendations of different authors in similar systems, specifies current trends and gives guidelines for suitable tests for material selection.