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Flexural Capacity of RC Beams with Externally Shear Strengthening using GFRP Sheet

Combination of several materials to create a structural system has led to new kinds of innovative infrastructure applications. The addition of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer(GFRP) laminated bonded to the tension face of concrete member is an attractive solution to the rehabilitation and repairing damage structural for example : bridge girder and beam building construction. To increase the shear strength , the externally bonded GFRP wrap can be applied continuously or discontinuously (strips) to a beam in general wrapping scheme:”U” wrapping, or fully wrapping. The aim of this study is to investigate the flexural capacity RC beams of shear cracked by using GFRP as a external strengthening . The fiber of GFRP sheets are placed in one layer (shear strengthening using continuously “U”wrapping ). The test specimen were designed to shear failure in which shear span - to effective depth ratio is 1.56 and stirrups were spaced at a distance of 300mm. All specimens were tested under two-point static loading, the beam were incrementally loaded to failure. It is found that that externally bonded GFRP sheet can enhance the flexural capacity and also can change failure mode from shear-crack become flexural failure of RC beam. Keywords- Shear crack, GFRP sheet, flexural, capacity,externally strengthening